What makes being an IFFCBANO member valuable?

Your membership, along with the help of our volunteer board and committee members, help to keep the IFFCBANO in the forefront by offering members the following:

Industry Engagement & Participation

  • One of fourteen nominating organizations that participate in the selection process for the Port of New Orleans Dock Board Commissioners.
  • Active members of the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association (NCBFAA). NCBFAA engagement offers members national participation on trade related issues.
  • A nominating organization for the selection of the Annual C. Alvin Bertel
  • Two members actively serve on the Louisiana Pilotage Fee Commission.
  • Bi-monthly meetings are held with local U.S. Customs & Border Protection management fostering a solid working relationship.

Educational & Networking Offerings

  • Membership Educational Outreach Seminars
  • IFFCBANO hosts the Annual Port of New Orleans’ State of the Port Luncheon in November
  • IFFCBANO hosts an Annual International Trade Symposium bringing local & national industry leaders together to network & educate.
  • IFFCBANO hosts an Annual Regional Economic Summit.

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Other Benefits

  • Industry resource providing routine electronic updates regarding issues impacting the trade community on local, regional and national issues.
  • COMPLIMENTARY listing in the IFFCBANO annual directory.
  • COMPLIMENTARY listing on our website directing customers to you through various search engines
  • Monthly board meetings are held to address membership and industry concerns on a local and national level.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Members, their children and grandchildren are eligible for IFFCBANO’s annual scholarship awards. Two awards are presented during the November State of the Port event. (Application deadline – September 30th)

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